Baccarat Betting System

Baccarat Betting System

Baccarat System

There are many different styles of betting systems that can be used with multiple different casino games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Here are the betting systems that I will usually use while playing baccarat:

One of the first things I would do is to pick either the player or the banker and stay with it while I'm betting. I personally prefer to play on the banker because the house advantage is slightly less than the player. When betting, here is the progression of betting that I take: (1 unit is equal to the minimum table bet) The progression of levels are correlated to the number of units that I would bet. Here's the different levels of progression: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 30

After that, you might be coming close to the maximum table bet. You start at level 1. For each loss, you will increase a level of progression add the previous two bets together and place that bet on the next hand. For each win, you subtract a level if you are down overall. If you are ahead, I would place about one third of the chips that you are ahead on each bet (granted you are at least betting the minimum). Using this system, you can usually find yourself ahead at the end of the night. Go ahead and test this system out for yourself with this free baccarat game. Occasionally, there will be a time where the player or banker wins 8 times or more in a row. In these cases, you have to find a good way to mitigate your loses. I would suggest accepting the occasional lose and start the levels back over at 1 again. If you hit the maximum table bet, you will no longer be able to win back what you have lost and the levels system breaks down. Worse yet, these bad streaks can wipe away any money that you have won in the past.

Another Baccarat System

Here's another baccarat betting system that I have heard of. It is called the 1-3-2-6 system. It's a mathematical approach to controlling your betting over a set of four hands.

Here's how this system works:

Bet one unit. If you win, you will have a total of 2 units. Add another unit to make 3 units and bet again. If you win again, you will have 6 units. Drop the next bet down to 2 units. If you win again, you will have 4 units. Add two more units and bet 6 units. If you have won all four hands, you will now have 24 units when you started betting only one. This betting pattern is repeated over again and starts back at one. Betting in this pattern will allow you to mitigate your loses.

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