Best Baccarat Casinos

Best Baccarat Casinos

Live Baccarat Casinos

Bet365 was listed as my top baccarat casino on the home page for good reason. They have live baccarat tables online where you can watch the dealer play out the hand instead of some random number generator selecting the next card..

You can join a table and place bets with up to six other players. You get a video feed of the dealer at a mini baccarat table and you get to watch the cards being dealt live. Not only do you get to see the dealer, but you can also interact with the other players at the table with the chat box. Bet365 also offers live dealers in both blackjack and roulette. The reason I like the live version of baccarat is because I can be absolutely sure that the shoe is being played out. I don't have to wonder if the cards are being randomly generated after each hand. Bet365 does offer a one player baccarat game without a dealer as well, but these games are universal among online casinos. But, this version is free to play in the Card Games section of their website.

Golden Palace Casino

Golden Palace also offers a very nice live dealer baccarat at their online casino. Each table can hold up to seven players and is very much like playing baccarat at a mini baccarat table at the casino. The reason that these two casinos look very similar is because they both use Playtech software. Golden Palace also offers an online flash baccarat game that is very similar to Bet365.

Multi-player Online Baccarat Tables


These next two casinos are also unique among online casinos. They both offer multi-player baccarat tables. Multi-player baccarat tables means that you can be playing with up to five different people in a baccarat room. You have the ability to chat with the other players at the table.

VIP Casino

InterCasino is the sister casino of VIP Casino, hence their software looks identical. Like InterCasino, they offer multi-player tables as shown in this screenshot. In addition to that, VIP Casino also offers players private rooms that can be reserved in advanced.

Best U.S. Online Baccarat Casinos

All of the online baccarat games shown are one player, you against the dealer. If you like playing baccarat, you will still have fun playing these. But baccarat is not supposed to be a one person game, so I'll call these games micro baccarat.

Bodog Casino

Like I said before on the home page, I don't think that many other places allow players to use any bonus money given to them on baccarat. Bodog Casino is the one exception. Bodog offers a 10% signup bonus for all first deposits of more than $20. The bonus money is allowed to be cashed out after meeting their wagering requirements.

Baccarat bonuses are rare for two reasons:

  1. The game has a very low house advantage
  2. Casinos got burned by people betting on Banker and Player at the same time. They finished their requirements without having to gamble.

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