Good Books on Baccarat

Good Books on Baccarat

Baccarat Books

Baccarat by John Patricks A casino guide to the jewel of casino games.

Baccarat Effects of Marked Cards Computer study on the effect of a baccarat game when marked cards are in play.

Power Baccarat by Herbert Step-by-Step instructions, advanced techniques

72 Days at the Table by Germain Strategy testing for Baccarat with actual Mini-Bac decisions

Basics of Winning Baccarat by Cardoza Learn to play and win at Baccarat in just one reading.

Facts of Baccarat by Nolan Rules of play, odds, betting systems and variations mini baccarat.

All About Baccarat by Gollehon Tells the beginning player what to expect in regard to minimum betting requirements, what the responsibilities of the dealers are and how to play the game.

How to play and win Casino Baccarat by Kane The author provides you with a comfortable, informative narrative on the game of Baccarat.

Winning Baccarat Strategies by Tamburin Counting systems, money management and running count.

Playboys Guide to Baccarat by Silberstang This guide is a clear informative discussion to help you to become an intelligent and winning player.

Baccarat system Tester by Germain Over 80,000 decisions and 1,000 actual casino dealt shoes.

Baccarat made Simple by Vernon This book helps the beginner become familiar with the rules and ways of betting in the casinos and to assist the experienced gambler as well.

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