Live Baccarat

Live Dealer Casinos

There are several online casinos that offer live dealer games. The most popular of these live dealer casino games is Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Live dealers take the computer RNG out of the situation. With blackjack and roulette it is nice, but for baccarat it is absolutely necessary. Most online baccarat games are more like playing a coin flip. The cards come out way too fast and it doesn't help you learn the game.

Here is a list of casinos that offer Live Dealer services:

Playtech Casinos

The screenshot above is from Bet365 Casino. This is the best site that I have found for Live Dealer casino games. They offer baccarat tables for English players as well as tables in several other languages as well. Beyond that, I also like Golden Palace. You can see a screenshot from this Live Baccarat table on the right. The final casino that uses Playtech software and offers good Live Dealer services is William Hill.

Microgaming Casinos

There are several online casinos that use Microgaming software. Some of these online casinos offer Live Dealer services and some do not. However, they all use the Live Dealer service so you won't notice much of a difference from one casino to another. The one Microgaming casino that I have played live baccarat at is Roxy Palace. They offer Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack dealers. Roxy Palace also has photos and bios of the dealers that are currently available.

USA Live Baccarat

Currently, only the online casinos using the 21Gnet casino software offer Live Dealers for customers in the United States. Of these casinos, I recommend that you try 5Dimes Casino. They are currently (as of January 27th, 2012) in the process of upgrading the Live Dealer cameras and options. That means you may run into times when one or more of the Live Dealer casino games, including Baccarat, is not available. The upgrades will include a new full screen high definition platform.

Playing Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is a lot of fun because you get all of the fun, excitement, and comfort that you could want. You can stay home but you can play in the casino, does it get better than this? Baccarat is a game that is made up largely of chance, but by having a few simple strategies up your sleeve you can better your chances of winning so that you can make the most of your live baccarat playing time.

Choose games that use as few decks as possible. Always remember that the fewer number of decks means a better chance of you winning. Usually the game will state how many decks are being used, so you just need to shop around to see which sites and games use the smallest number of decks.

Contact usMake sure that you really understand the game before you start to play live baccarat. If you don’t really know how to play you are not going to do as well as you would like, even when luck is on your side. Learn as much as you can about the game and even take some time to play some free games before you play for real money. This will help you increase your chances of winning in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to bet on the banker! Many people don’t believe that this is good etiquette, but unless you are playing to make friends, this is almost always a better wager. When you are playing live dealer baccarat you have the advantage of not having people know who you are, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t like your bet, especially when you win!

Keep track of your bankroll while you play live baccarat. When you play live dealer baccarat it is easy to get excited and let your bankroll get. Come into a game with the amount that you can afford to lose and do not go over this amount. If you win back that amount, you should tuck it away so that you can at least go out with the money that you came in with.

There is not one live baccarat strategy that is going to guarantee your success, but they will help to support your efforts to win and win big. The key is to remember that even with the use of strategies that are meant to help you win, baccarat is a game and it is meant for entertainment purposes only. When you remember that it is all about entertainment, it is a lot easier to take your losses in stride. Live baccarat can get really intense because you want to win and you are fully comfortable and able to take advantage of all of the comforts of home, but at the end of the day it really is a game! Remember that and you’ll do just fine.